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Cathy Routledge

As a new watercolor artist, my work is evolving and changing - really even from one piece to the next. I began painting after I retired in 2014, falling by accident in with a group of talented women artists in California, where we live for the winter months. They generously shared their expertise, their teachers and their passion for watercolors; I was hooked.

At the moment, I'm painting a lot of landscapes; bare trees, exposed rock and water are endlessly interesting to me and holding a paintbrush makes me consider them in a new way. I find simple paintings more challenging than complex ones and in a way, more interesting.

I enjoy the differences and similarities of living and painting in the Yukon and the desert. Both places claim harsh environments, pristine light and a strong arts community where it is easy to be inspired.


  • Location: Whitehorse and California


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