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Judy Matechuk

I create because I love to! That my work intrigues people, that they can relate to my art and see different things in it is pure serendipity.

I grew up in Nova Scotia and inspired by Robert Service'sThe Trail of '98, I moved to the Yukon for a year's adventure. Once here I met my future husband, loved the place and stayed. Kids and businesses filled up the next 30 years until 2002, when I was able to finally get back to my passion - fabric!

A high school art class and many fabric-related courses and workshops over the years led to creating landscapes 'painted' with fabric. A Santé Fe workshop on photo-resist and sand blasting opened more possibilities. Once I learned to sandblast, I combined the mediums to create mixed media pieces, an almost 3D effect. The backgrounds are fabric; appliquéd, dyed, painted, embroidered and/or embellished. The inside of the framing glass is the foreground. It is there that I place sandblasted images of people, vehicles, animals, clouds or mist.

My inspiration is the beauty and history of the Yukon. I choose bold colours to express what I see and feel. My hope is to engage the emotions and resurrect memories for those who view my work.



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