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Christian Bucher
The Dreamt Forest
 2018 08 Edge flyer Christian Bucher USE

Join us on Friday August 3rd from 5-7pm for the opening of Christian Bucher's exhibition, "The Dreamt Forest" at Arts Underground (lower level of the Hougen Centre).

A chairlift is available for those who require mobility assistance. Exhibition on view: Friday August 3rd - Saturday August 25th 



I am passionate about photography. I love to create and share beautiful images of the natural environment in which I have chosen to live; this gives me great joy. Photography has changed my life in many ways but above all it has taught me to open my eyes and to truly see, see the natural world, big and small, all around me. There is beauty in everything and I want to share some of that beauty with others.

The main subject of my photography is the land around my Atlin home, my backyard, and the spectacular landscapes found right across northern Canada.

There is nothing I like more than being outdoors, traveling upon the land and capturing images of its ever changing moods and characters; to tell the story of light and shadow upon the land and water, tell about the weather and the coming and going of the seasons. I want to record, not with words but with images, the conversation between the land and wind, snow, ice, rain and fire.

I work mainly in color but I am drawn more and more to black & white photography, where composition, texture, contrasts, tonal range, patterns and shapes take center stage. In some ways I have come full circle since it is black & white that first drew me to photography. I don’t want to simply document landscape, I want to share my personal vision, and some of the emotions I felt at the time I made the image. I want to share a little bit of who I am, as an artist, with every image I create. To me an image should be as much about looking out at the world as it is about looking in at the photographer.

I don’t consider the photographic process to be complete until I have printed some of my images. I believe that it is only once an image has been printed that it comes truly alive. There is simply something magical about holding that tangible, and flawlessly crafted print in hand.


I was born in Switzerland but spent most of my life living and working in the north, mainly in the Northwest Territories but also in the Yukon. I currently reside and create in Atlin, BC.

My photographic journey started as a teenager, with a small 35mm rangefinder camera and black & white film. In these early days my main interest was street photography, and documenting the beauty and dignity of day-­‐to-­‐day life in my small home community.

I became serious about photography when I purchased my first SLR prior to emigrating, at age 19, from my native Switzerland to Canada. Taking photographs and sending them back home was a good way for me to have family and friends share in my adventures as a new immigrant in a distant land. My knowledge took a leap forward when, a few years later, I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in a dark room, developing and printing black and white film. I learned a lot very quickly. Photography soon became a passion and it has remained an integral part of my life to this day.

I put the camera down for a few years when digital came along; as a busy single parent I simply could not spare the time to learn digital photography neither did I have the funds to purchase the required new equipment. It is only a number of years ago that I again picked up a camera, now working 100% digitally, from capturing the image, to processing, to printing.

I loved working with film, especially black & white film, and greatly enjoyed the many hours spent in the dark room but I feel that the digital workflow gives me so much more creative freedom. Today my main interest is landscape photography; be it the grand landscapes of northern Canada, the intimate landscape at my feet, or the abstract landscape.

The main tools of my trade are a Nikon 750 full frame camera body and two older Nikkor AF prime lenses; a 24 mm and 50 mm. I shoot RAW files (the equivalent of an undeveloped negative in the days of film) and process (develop) all of my images in Adobe Lightroom. I use an Epson printer and Epson paper to print my images.


I am entirely self-­‐taught and have never taken any formal training. I have learned my craft by reading books, doing research, practicing, studying the works of others, making at least one photograph a day, and above all by learning as much as possible from each and every photograph.


• Atlin in the City. Whitehorse, YT. November 2015
• Iceolation. Yellowknife Snow Castle. Yellowknife, NWT. March 2016
• Double Vision. Arts Underground / Focus Gallery. Whitehorse, YT. August 5-­‐27, 2016.
• Yukon Art Society Members’ Show, Color Theory. Arts Underground. Whitehorse, YT. December 2016
• On Our Way Home. An exhibition of new acquisitions from the Yukon Permanent Art Collection. Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre. Whitehorse, YT. October 2017 to March 2018.
• Yukon Art Society Members’ Show, Ritual. Arts Underground. Whitehorse, YT. December 2017


Landscape Photography Magazine (the largest landscape photography magazine in the world)
• Landscape Photography Magazine Issue #52 June 2015 Feature: Photo of the Month
• Landscape Photography Magazine Issue #62 April 2016 Feature: Wall of Fame
• Landscape Photography Magazine Issue #70 December 2016 Feature: Monochromatic Inspirations
• Landscape Photography Magazine Issue #71 January 2017 Feature: Magazine Cover Page
• Landscape Photography Magazine Issue # 82 December 2017 Feature: Two images one in Galleria and one in Black and White Vision

Smart Photography (India’s number one photography magazine)
Smart Photography July 2018 Issue
Feature: Fourteen monochrome images alongside a full feature interview. 

My photographs also appeared on various business and government web pages.


“Water Like Ink”, a monochrome image, was selected to the Yukon Permanent Art Collection. 2017
Works held in private collections in Canada, the United States and Switzerland.
Gallery Representation
Arts Underground, Whitehorse. Yukon
Headquarter Gallery, Atlin. BC
Down to Earth Gallery, Yellowknife. Northwest Territories
500 px Prime (stock agency). Toronto. Ontario