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2017 04 Edge Invitation Website

Jordan Stevens

What's Good? 

Whitehorse’s Jordan Stevens brings his high-contrast, pop art inspired show, “What’s Good?” to Arts Underground for the month of April.

Drawing inspiration from popular culture figures like Kobe Bryant and Wes Anderson, Stevens doesn’t hesitate to remind us that he’s truly a 21st century boy.  His cheeky application of foam core and photocopies, sandpaper, spray paint and watercolour techniques reveal a DIY sensibility that offers a fresh take on familiar imagery. 

This is Jordan’s first gallery show.

A portion of the artists’ proceeds will go toward Yukon Cares: Refugee Family Support.  

Artist Bio

Oh, Hi there! I’m Jordan.

As an artist, I am mostly excited by the challenge of self-teaching and buying supplies from the Dollar$tore. I enjoy dabbling with my rudimentary illustration skills, water colours, mixed media, photo copies, foam core, weld-bond and trying to have my art literally jump off the page.

I try to capture moments or ideas that make me laugh, or cry, or—when it really works—do both. Kind of like a great Van Morrison song, expertly used in a Wes Anderson Movie.

I can’t write a bio without shouting out my folks. Props to my Pops: for being a hip and talented artist from an early age and later becoming a wildly impressive graphic designer, and always letting me mess around with his letra-sets and for teaching me how to make a mix-tape on the family stereo.

Shout out to my “Ma Dukes” for taking me to Bowie concerts when I was a newborn [she wasn’t missing that show] and for always encouraging me, mostly through her fashion first skills and outlook, to be myself, no matter what. And to both my parents and fam, for raising me to find the best in people and for showing me the true joy in life that can come from a generous, thoughtful heart.

Shout out to Greg Wakeford for always being “the best” pound-for-pound artist in my 3rd-6th grade school, and for keeping me hungry when kids started to tell themselves that they are “not good at art”. (footnote: Greg was/is an incredible artist who could draw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to a baffling degree of realness, at a primary age.)

Endless thanks to all of my dear friends who I consider family, and who consider me family too.

Thanks for the endless support and encouragement #realfriends

PS. I cut off one of my finger tips putting this show together. So, Van Gogh and I are kind of the same now. This is my first public exhibition, but it has been laying in wait for a very long time.

Exhibition on until April 28, 2017. 

Thank you to our sponsors and partners.