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Underground Interview - Anne Hoerber

Anne Hoerber will be exhibiting her series of encaustics at Arts Underground for the month of April. We recently asked Anne to share with us some insights into her practice, her favourite works of art and some of the lessons she has learned in her art career. Thanks for playing along, Anne! 

What’s the most important item in your studio? A blow torch

What’s the last piece of art you purchased? Motion studies by Chris Caldwell

What piece of art do you wish you could have in your home? Anything by Alicia Tormey, but especially one of her botanicals.

What Northern artist excites you? Maureen Morris

What do you like to do after an art opening? This is my first opening, so I’m open to suggestions!

What medium (other than the one you currently work with) would you like to master?

How do you know when a piece is finished? That’s hard to know. Usually they stay on my wall for a while until i figure it out. One of the pieces in this show has been “finished” 3 times now! That’s a beautiful thing about encaustic, you can always go back to add or subtract layers

What’s your favourite piece you’ve ever made? It’s a small study that I want to recreate on really large scale, but abstracts and happy accidents are tough to recreate!

What’s a big art lesson you’ve learned in your career? Let go and stop obsessing! Perfection isn’t really out there


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